About Crystal Bowl Sound Healer

The powerful vibrations of sound penetrates the body which consists of approximately 70% water and gives a gentle internal massage to all your cells.

Crystal Bowl Healing Energy healing through harmonic sounds and crystals resonates with the body balancing the chakras and re-energize the auric field.

Stimulate and restore the harmony between the physical and spiritual planes of the body.

Concerts: While attending one of Robert’s Concerts Individuals experiences may include; Physical Relaxation Reduced Anxiety Mental Clarity Emotional Release and Restful Sleep.

Robert and his Mom Jennie Starseed
Robert uses Crystal Bowls,Tibetan Bowls,Tuning Forks,Tingshaws,Crystals,Healing Stones and voice to accomplish healing at various energy levels.

robert austin healing

101 Years young and having fun!!!


I want to share with you a recent healing while using the Tibetan metal bowl purchased at your SC concert a few months ago and a D# (sharp) crystal bowl that I bought at your first SC concert. I’ve been incapacitated since Christmas due lumbar disk disease. I also have extreme sensitivity to most medications; pain meds are not an option.  I could not sit and sleeping was non-existent. I have an amazing Chiropractor who placed me on decompression but the pain continued. I asked my husband, Gary to play the Tibetan bowls on my back every hour for a couple of days. The results were astounding. I was pain free for a majority of activities but the most debilitating activities (lying and sleeping) the pain was tolerable. I play all of my bowls every day in gratitude for God sending you and your healing gifts into my life. They bring an unprecedented energy that has led me share my enthusiasm with others by writing a book; soon to be published.
Thank you Robert,
Pat David
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina  

*Hi Robert,

The first part of January you were attending a Metaphysical Expo in Sun City Center. This was the second Expo and was sponsored by The Chakra Center.

The first year I met you I had hopes you would be able to help me in the future and you did twice now!  After the first Expo, you were setting appointments at the Chakra Center. I made an appointment to see you about a bothersome loud click in my neck. It didnt really hurt that much but was very a loud click each time I turned my head to the right and back center. The walk-in clinic took x-rays and identified it as arthritis and Id have to live with it. I had one session with you and within three days the loud noise left my body.

The next Expo the following year, while I was at the Expo, you addressed the problems I have with Raynauds Syndrome. I was diagnosed almost two years ago. The index finger on my left hand is prominent in appearance: turns blue/purple, nail bed is discolored, fingertip is tender and broken out. Touching this finger with the other hand or accidently hitting it was painful. Yes, was painful! Since you applied your crystals and bowls, the appearance is healthy and no longer painful. I am able to type with this finger again!

Thank you Robert. Keep doing what you do. The world needs you.


P. S. Your mother is very lovely! It was great meeting her.

*”All the cells in my body were singing.”C.S.”I felt as though parts of my body were dry and you gave them a drink of water.”J.W.”What a peaceful experience. I had back pain after having the bowls on my back the pain went away completely!” Thank you Namaste…Santusanani@yahoo.com

*”This was a very intense experience for me a bit overwhelming…perhaps because I am pregnant. The baby was definetly very active throughout the concert. Thank you.””That was amazing.Thank you for the work you are doing.
“Blessings to you. Katya Kudrova

*”During the session I felt movement at my crown chakra and third eye. I also went away and some little scenarios floated there. When the bowls were placed on me it was difficult to breathe at first but it relieved the pain in my head and legs. “Thank you for the wonderful healing and class.
Reverend Sherry Jankelvich sjanke7114@aol.com

*”I didn’t want it to stop.”Thank you for the great experience.*cjpreslar@aol.com

*”I thee release To be at Peace Always Free Returning to Be” Thank you Robert Powerful-Namaste Jacques Rene

Hi Robert,

I hope that you are doing well. I am still experiencing the effect of our last session.  Just as after our previous session, or maybe even more so. On Wednesday 02/19 I left The Jamar Enlightenment Center in such a wonderful state of being. I would describe it as a state of bliss. I was deeply relaxed (and usually I am rather in a state close to panic attack). Since that time I have had noticeable improvement in my TMJ condition. I am breathing better. I should mention that for the last ten months or so breathing had become a real problem for me. Also–which is especially important to me–I take things a little easier in general. All this means a lot to me. Last week I happened to be sick with a common cold and that is the reason that I didn’t write earlier. I was wondering whether I would still experience  the effect of our session after this cold was over. I have to say that, yes, I do. Usually conditions like a common cold or flu would aggravate my TMJ badly, but this time I came out of it without such terrible suffering. For the first time in a very long while it is a lot easier.  Don shared with me after the session that he was very relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful state of bliss, too. I am playing my bowl every day and it feels wonderful. Thank you for everything Robert. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

God bless you.​


Robert, I would like to recount to you my meditation as I was trying out your crystal bowl. It was the most outstanding and wonderful experience!
 When I placed my feet into your large bowl, I felt immediate peace. You started your bowl with “song” for want of a better term. I first saw crosses. They came in one at a time and with one immediately following another. They were getting progressively larger.
 They varied in color from dark brown to yellow to gold. They then stopped and I felt I was on a hill. I called it Calvary. I then saw myself on a cross and the word “persecuted” flashed into my mind.  My blood was flowing out of my feet. The next scene was of a wave washing over me. It took away my negativity. The final scene was of me as a child. I was no longer on the cross–I had just gotten off, but the cross still stood in the background.  The Virgin Mary was standing at the base with her arms stretched out; she was calling to me “come to me, my child.” I ran to her and she wrapped me in her arms and said “I will take care of you and protect you.” 
 I came out and immediately felt peaceful and calm!!!  

I still feel amazing! The “crick” that I’ve had in my neck for 
3-4 weeks has disappeared! My restless legs are improving, 
but they will take longer to resolve. I’ve had them for years.
Interestingly, they worsen when I’m stressed and they really
intensified during my “crisis” period! I plan on 
continued work with them.  Carol

Hi Robert! 
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
Awhile back, I had the opportunity to go to one of your Crystal Bowl Meditations. The meditation was awesome! 
After the meditation was over you asked if anyone had any physical pain.  As a 20 year sciatic nerve sufferer I immediately raised my hand.  You had me lay down on my back and bend one knee.  You place a tibetan bowl upside down on my bent knee and started running vibrations from the bowl.  These vibrations ran from my knee, up my thigh and straight to my sciatic nerve pain. Then you had me bend the other knee and repeated the vibrations. 
Within 1 week of this treatment the sciatic pain I’d been plagued with for 20 years was GONE!!!  Gone, gone, gone and it’s never returned!!
After experiencing this healing a whole new world has opened up to me.  I became a Reiki Master, a Seraphim Blueprint Energy Healer and am practicing Qigong daily. My diet has undergone significant changes, too!! 
I recently bought my first Crystal Bowl and I can’t wait to add to my collection!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am experiencing a complete transformation of my whole life all because of the healing I experienced thru your awesome healing talents!!
Sue Schulze

I must admit, I wasn’t sure the Rods of Isis were going to do much for me when Robert Austin first put them in my hands, the movement that flowed through me was something of a surprise. For many years I’ve suffered with neuropathy from type II diabetes that required a reversal of dietary and physical habits that, as you can imagine, was a very grueling and challenging task. I was told at one point that the damage is irreversible and within the next seven years, I would be in a wheel chair.

Due to extraordinary circumstances and the right doctor, I now function within 90% of where I should be.  There was some damage still lingering.  The numbness of the balls of my feet and bottom of my toes.  After my experience with the Isis Healing Rods, just once, and I could feel the floor, textures… I bought a set and decided to take it a step further, I put them in my therapeutic diabetic socks.  Each night around 2 am I would waken to knowing it was time to remove them.  The next week I did it three times a week and now I do it once a week. I can feel the balls of my feet touching surfaces again.

Robert, thank you for journeying to The Raven Faerie in Lakeland, I’m so glad you did!

Maya Mueninghoff

The Raven Faerie

Dear Robert,

I am delighted to be writing you about the Rods of Isis.  Barbara showed me how to use them yesterday and the results were amazing. First let me say, I have had neck pain for over a year now from arthritis.  I have received trigger point injection, the first one worked great, thereafter, no relief. Next was deep muscle massage, felt great but no relief. Finally, I received physical therapy twice a week for several weeks, that helped but still I have pain.  At night it is almost impossible to find a position in which to sleep.

Yesterday I used the Rods of Isis for ten minutes, the first thing I noticed was the fact that my sinuses were clear, I have allergies, that was amazing in itself. My neck felt a little better. I took the Rods home with me last night and used them probably five times during the evening.  My neck felt better and I slept more comfortably than I have in the past year.

I can’t wait to receive my own set of Rods.  Thank you so much for this amazing healing.

Thank you again,

Tommie Druen


I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for making yourself available to us on our 2 year wedding anniversary on May 19th.  The experience we had choosing the right bowl was something we will never forget.  It has really helped our marriage and has brought us closer together.  We try to play it at least once a day.  The main reason we wanted this bowl was because we were struggling with fertility for 2+ years.  After getting a reading that day in Naples at the store we met at, the reader told us we wouldn’t have any problem getting pregnant as the bowl would help.  Although I can’t remember the woman’s name, she was right.  We are now almost 10 weeks pregnant!!  I also had a reading and have been told it’s a boy just like you thought that day we met.  We are over the moon and I wanted to thank you so much because if it wasn’t for meeting you and your healing bowls, I am not sure we would be where we are.  

Thank you again,

Jenna Henke

Hi Robert,
I am sharing my story about Rods of Isis because I feel everyone should know this. I was in A LOT of pain from head to toe. I don’t like taking medications so I was using some natural remedies. Though they were helping the pain was not completely gone. Until you brought me the Rods of Isis, that is. I first meditated with them and felt the pain go away. At first I thought it was due to all of the other things I had done first. However, when I put the rods down and went to bed the pain started to return, big time. A little whisper in my ear told me to get the Rods again. So I did. I put one under my lower back and the other at the base of my neck and, no joke, within maybe 20 seconds the pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it! I slept better and felt better than I had in DAYS!

Thank you so much for introducing me the these wonderful energy tools! I will be using them for myself and others now.
Many blessings,

After a couple years of back nerve pain from shingles and no medical solution, the quality of life that I had always enjoyed seemed to be slipping away, thanks to you and your crystal bowl for three years now I have gone back to my active life pain free. I am forever grateful and don’t hesitate to share my experience with others.  Jim Jarrett