Private Sessions Sound is a tool for transformation
A session with Robert brings you a sense of well being and deep relaxation through the sounds and tones of Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks and the use of Crystals and Healing Stones.

Private Healing Sessions are available.
Please use our contact email to set up an appointment.

Private Concerts
If you would like Robert to perform at your facility or event please use our contact form to arrange availability.

Tibetan Bowl Meditation

Workshops on Sound Healing
Speaker demonstrations on working with the Bowls and Healing.

Energy Sound Healing Workshops
Learn to use Robert Austins technique of Sound Healing.
This hands on workshop will teach you to use your Crystal Bowl, Tuning Forks, Crystals and Stones for healing.
You will learn to use Sound Vibration to clear the channels and meridians of stagnation in the body.
Participants will receive a tuning fork and crystal with the class.

Reiki Master Teacher
Robert is available for Reiki Attunements.

Memorial Services
Robert is available to perform for your loved ones memorial services. Please contact.

Tibetan Bowl Workshops
Crystal Bowl Workshops with Private Lessons

Yin Yoga with Energy Sound Healing

Restorative Yoga with Energy Sound Healing


Hi Robert,

The first part of January you were attending a Metaphysical Expo in Sun City Center. This was the second Expo and was sponsored by The Chakra Center.

The first year I met you I had hopes you would be able to help me in the future and you did….twice now!  After the first Expo, you were setting appointments at the Chakra Center. I made an appointment to see you about a bothersome loud click in my neck. It didn’t really hurt that much but was very a loud click each time I turned my head to the right and back center. The walk-in clinic took x-rays and identified it as arthritis and I’d have to “live with it”. I had one session with you and within three days the loud noise left my body.

The next Expo the following year, while I was at the Expo, you addressed the problems I have with Raynaud’s Syndrome. I was diagnosed almost two years ago. The index finger on my left hand is prominent in appearance: turns blue/purple, nail bed is discolored, fingertip is tender and broken out. Touching this finger with the other hand or accidently hitting it was painful. Yes, was painful! Since you applied your crystals and bowls, the appearance is healthy and no longer painful. I’m able to type with this finger again.

Thank you Robert. Keep doing what you do. The world needs you.


P. S. Your mother is very lovely! It was great meeting her.

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